Late last year, I had the opportunity to visit the Tuscany region of Italy.  My favorite place was the little town of Bolgheri.  Only about 150 full time residents grace this tiny town that seems like a throwback to an earlier time in history.

The road leading into Bolgheri is amazing – perfectly straight, 5 kilometers long and lined by two rows of 2,540 cypress trees that were planted in the 18th Century.  PHOTO OP #1!  As I entered the town, I was met by an older couple well into their 80s.  They were roasting chestnuts on an open fire!  PHOTO OP #2!

The Bolgheri region has also become known for its Super Tuscan wines.  A stop at the nearby Tenuta Argentiera winery was like a dream.  Forever views of the Mediterranean; grape vines running in every direction and of course, the wine.  Sampling of the winery’s offerings takes place in a centuries old farmhouse.  My personal favorite was the Poggio al Ginepri, so fruity and so smooth! An additional treat was the table of local Tuscan cheeses, ham and salami. DELIZIOSO!!

Dreams can come true…..


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