About the author

I was born in New York but I have lived in Southern California most of my life, where I have raised my sons. I live with my husband, dog and my constant visitors — hummingbirds!
Once upon a time, I worked as a corporate executive assistant and events coordinator. My teachers have always suggested that I should write, but it would be several moons later before I discovered how much I love to write children’s stories.  I truly believe any story can be written using one’s own creative imagination, combined with a few shakes of perseverance.
When I’m not with my dog, Hanna, I also love cooking, Pilates, and going to the gym — sometimes. Much of my inspiration for writing comes from watching my beautiful hummers, relaxing in my yard!
I have written two books, Arturo and Leo and my newest release, Don’t Go Looking for Lizards. I recently completed two additional children’s picture book stories about an owl; book # 2 being a sequel to the first book — coming soon!

Dogs Laugh With Their Tails