Don’t Go Looking for Lizards

Book Description : Izzy and Ollie don’t agree on anything in this fast paced adventurous story about two badgers. Ollie is on a mission to find lizards. Izzy just wants to get home – quickly. In spite of Izzy’s warning to Ollie of what is certain to come, Ollie is determined to do things his way. Being a stubborn badger is never a good thing. In fact, a stubborn badger could get into a whole heap of trouble out in the desert. Sometimes when trouble tumbles in, courage is found and help is served up with a big slice of humble badger pie.


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Arturo and Leo

Book Description – Arturo, a daydreaming ant, fantasizes about being someone else who is noticed by others. Leo is a grizzly bear who is, unfortunately, too easily noticed. When they meet, Leo sees Arturo in a whole different light, someone who is quite grand for his tiny size. A rhyming tale of self-discovery. The perfect bedtime read!


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Coming soon are two stories I recently completed about one very special owl. And not just an ordinary run of the mill hooty owl either. But one bursting with fluffy, feisty attitude.

Dogs Laugh With Their Tails